Greetings to all…

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When one starts a journey, the most profound feeling is anxiety and ecstasy. We are afraid and excited about what lies ahead. Perhaps we may succeed, perhaps we will fail, but what will matter, is the destination.

Dust and Ashes

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Crimson is Royal (With attached and formatted pdf!)

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Atheism, Christian

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The most common form of Atheism is what is falsely called Christianity.

We see God as we do the Dentist, once a week, because we have to. We bind God to buildings in our actions, to our limitations in our prayers, to invisibility in our praise, to our mindsets in our limited knowledge of His Word.

Are you an Atheistic Christian? I hope not.


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I used to think…

That poetry without rhyme,

Was rhyme for no reason,

To me, at that time,

It appeared to be treason!

But now I know it’s sound,

‘Cause it’s the message that counts!

Irony of Desire

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If you don’t do what you wish you didn’t have to, you won’t get what you wished you had.

Birth of a Legend

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Legends are born when someone as weak and helpless as everyone else sees the opening of opportunity in the womb of hardship.

And yes, they do cry.

Song of the Soul

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Living for eternity, ‘membering all I see,

The spirit and body whole,

I am a soul.

Fool me and doom me,

Teach me and free me,

I am what I choose,

A monster let loose,

Or the beacon of a thousand Is,

With beckoning eyes,

Price of sacrifice untold,

I am a soul.


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New Artwork – Shine

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I’m back!

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Started making wallpapers, though I have not lost my love for poetry, and continue that endeavor.

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